~~  Frequently Asked Questions  ~~

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I want to view the webinar as a recording, do I sign up differently?

No.  Your registration fee includes access to the live AND recorded versions of each webinar, regardless of whether you attend both or just 1.  If you just want to view the recording, just don't show up for the live event!  If you register for the live event but can't make it, don't worry, there is nothing you need to do other than sit back and wait for the recording to be released.

When can I view the recording?

The recording for each webinar we produce will be available no later than 10 days after the webinar originally aired live.  So, if the webinar aired live on January 1st, the recording would be released no later than January 11th.

If for some reason we encounter a substantial delay in producing the recording, those who registered for the event will receive an email notifying them of the delay and the expected release date.

If you purchase a webinar and the recording for that webinar has already been released for viewing, you will have instant access to that recording as soon as you register for the event.

System Requirements for Viewing Recordings

Our webinars will playback on virtually any computer in the world, with a few exceptions of course. Basically, if Total Eclipse will run on the computer, it can play our webinars.

  • Our webinars will playback on both PC and MAC systems
  • For PC: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 are supported
  • High-speed Internet Access is REQUIRED
    • Dial-Up Internet Connections are NOT supported
    • Satellite Internet Connections are hit-and-miss.  We can't say for certain if yours will work or not
  • You MUST be running the latest version of Adobe's FREE Flash Player program
    • You can download this for free from http://www.adobe.com
  • We recommend using either Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (or above) or Mozilla FireFox Version 3.0 (or above)
    • Those who have issues with either broswer's flash settings find that simply switching to the other solves their problems
  • You Must have a pair of speakers or headphones to listen to the audio portion of our webinars
What to do if the recorded webinar keeps "freezing"?

This problem usually has to do with the speed of your connection to the Internet as well as how many people are viewing the recording at a given time. We believe it's important to explain why this happens as well as how to correct for it, so please bear with us.

The Internet goes through different periods of increased and decreased speed, much like traffic on a highway. During peak "Rush Hour" periods (9 to 11AM, 2 to 4PM and 5 to 7PM) your Internet connection, regardless of what type or how fast it's supposed to be, will slow down due to congestion. Congestion can also occur when we have a large number of people viewing our webinars at a single time. Additionally, your ISP may just be experiencing it's own "slow time" due to other reasons.

The only way to combat the problem is to allow your computer more time to buffer your webinar. When you begin your webinar, a small amount of that webinar (about 2 minutes) is loaded onto your computer. As the webinar plays, more and more of that webinar is buffered (downloaded) to your computer. In most cases, your computer and Internet connection will buffer the webinar faster than the webinar is actually playing, resulting in no freezing. However, if your computer/internet connection can't buffer the webinar fast enough, regardless of the reason, the webinar that is playing will pause as it waits for the next portion to download. Once it has downloaded enough, it will begin playing again; which is the "freezing" you may experience.

To combat the problem, begin playing the webinar as usual. Once the webinar begins (you can see the video and hear the audio), pause it by clicking anywhere on the webinar player. While paused, the webinar will continue to buffer just as if it was playing, except there is no chance of the player catching up because it's paused. Leave the webinar paused for about 10 minutes and then resume playback by clicking anywhere on the player again. HINT: the longer you let it buffer, the more the webinar is downloaded, which decreases the chances of the freezing occurring again.

How do I know when a recording becomes available?
  • An email is sent when a recording is made available.
    • Due to the increased sensitivity of email spam and junk filters, some of you may not receive these email notifications.  We recommend that you ensure that your email program is set to ALLOW all email from the "ReporterWebinars.com" domain.  For more information on how to do this you should refer to your local ISP or email program.
  • In your ACCOUNT DASHBOARD, the "Play" links will appear underneath the webinar's title in your "Active Webinars" Section.