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I missed the live event...

If you registered for the live event and could not attend, for any reason, there is no need to worry or contact us.  Your registration fee includes access to both the live and recorded versions of all our webinars, so if you miss the live event you can always watch the recording when it becomes available.

Do I need my writer or software for the LIVE version?

The simple answer: No

The detailed answer:

Because your registration fee includes access to both the live AND recorded versions of our webinars, we do not recommend that you attempt to follow along with your presenter during the live presentation.  It's almost certain that you will "stumble" while trying to follow along with the presenter, especially if you are trying to flip your screen back and forth between the video feed from the presenter and your CAT software.  Having 2 monitors hooked to your computer (or having the live webinar play on one computer and your software open on the other so you can view both at the same time) does make it easier to follow along, however we still recommend you use the live webinar to introduce yourself to the topic and ask questions to the presenter.

When the recording becomes available you will have access to the pause, fast forward and rewind features so that you can effectively follow along with the presenter and then go back over anything you may have missed.

Live Webinar Audio Options

You will have two options for the audio portion of the webinar when you login. The first is to use your computer speakers and listen to the audio as part of the webinar; in other words, it will be carried over the Internet just like the video portion. This should work just fine for most attendees. However, Internet connections can sometimes be problematic and this could cause audio or video problems. If you can see the video but the audio is garbled or faint, then your other option is to use your telephone and dial into a conference call. If you are experiencing any problems with the audio streamed over the Internet, you should consider this option.

It is usually a long distance call (for some it is local) but at today's per minute rates, the cost is usually nominal. Alternatively, we provide all our registrants with both the live and recorded versions. So no matter what difficulties you encounter -- technical, family, last-minute jobs, etc. -- you can still view the entire webinar.

What are the benfits of attending the live webinar?

The live version of our webinars present attendees with the options to ask questions not only to the presenters but also to the additional specialists in our meetings.  Each webinar is staffed by no less than three staff members who are standing by to make sure your questions are answered and the webinar flows smooth.

Typically your questions are answered silently by one of our staff members in the lobby.  More pertinent questions are verbally posed to the presenter(s) either by one of our staff members OR, on occasion, by the attendee directly.  We have the ability to allow an attendee to "unmute' themselves and pose the question directly.  This is rare, and does require a microphone to be connected to your computer during the meeting, but we can do it.

Live attendees also benefit in that they actually get to view the presentation twice; once for the live event and then once again when if they choose to view the recording later.

How do I attend the live version of a webinar?

When you register for one of our webinars you are, by default, only registered for the recorded version.  If you would like to attend the live version (in addition to or instead of the recorded version) you must click the link in your ACCOUNT DASHBOARD to do so.

  • Login to your ACCOUNT DASHBOARD by clicking the "My Account" button at the top of the screen
  • Once you have registered for the webinar you will see it listed under the "My Active Webinars" tab.  The webinar title will encased inside a gray box.
  • Click on the graphic just below and to the left of the webinars title to access the resources for that webinar
  • Click the blue link under the webinar's title that reads "Register for Live Webinar"
  • On the next screen, verify your name and email address are correct
  • Click the "Register" button

Once you complete this process you will be sent an email invitation that contains a link you should click about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the live event.  If you lose that email, don't worry, another one is automatically sent a few hours before the webinar airs live.