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My CEU Forms don't display correctly (or at all) and/or print

If you click the link in your Account Dashboard to view or print your handouts or CEU Forms you may encounter a blank page or garbled text in the PDF file that opens.  This is most likely a problem with the version of your PDF Reader program's browser plug-in, which is easily fixed.  First, we suggest updating to the latest release of the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader program, which will also update the browser plug-ins for PDF files as well.  Here is the link to do that:




When installing the update to Adobe Reader, be sure to UNCHECK the box to install "McAfee Security Scan Plus" in the center section titled OPTIONAL OFFERS.  While not technically classified as malware, this free program does little to enhance security and will likely slow your system down as it constantly runs in the background.

If you install that update and still have problems after rebooting your system, you may simply need to download the CEU Form and/or Handout files instead of just clicking the link and opening them up directly.  To do that, instead of left clicking on the link to open the PDF File - RIGHT click on it instead and then left click SAVE LINK AS choice on the menu that appears.  That will allow you to save those PDF files to your computer, which you can open after saving.

Can you email me my CEU Form?

We cannot email CEU forms to you.  Any CEU forms that you are eligible for will be displayed in your Account Dashbaord.  From there you can access your CEU form by clicking the button under the webinars title to expose the available links for the event.

CEU forms are available no later than 24 hours AFTER the live event takes place.  Once the live event airs your Account Dashboard will change to reflect any new options that have become available as a result of the live webinar occurring.

Do I have to register for all parts at once to receive discounted NCRA rates?

If you plan on submitting a CEU Form to the NCRA for redemption you are required to pay the NCRA's "Evaluation Fee" to credit your account with them.  This is a fee that is paid directly to the NCRA and which we have no control over, nor do we receive any kind of "cut" from those funds.  For more details on the reasoning behind this, please read the FAQ entitled "Do I need to submit the paperwork and pay the NCRA fee to get my CEU points?".

So, to answer the question at hand, NO, you do not have to register for all parts of a multi-part webinar series at the same time to be eligible for submitting only a single "Evaluation Fee" to the NCRA.  Each webinar of a multi-part series contains it's own CEU Form that can either be submitted by itself to the NCRA or in combination with the rest of CEU Forms from that series.  The only requirement to redeem all the parts of a series while paying a single "Evaluation Fee" is that you must submit all the CEU Forms for that series to the NCRA at the SAME TIME.

So, if there was a 3 part series available for registration and you wanted to take part 1 first to see if that webinar was for you and register for the remaining parts later, that would be fine.  Again, as long as you submit the CEU Forms to the NCRA at the same time, you will still only pay ONE "Evaluation Fee".

Where are the CEU Forms?

The CEU Form(s) for any webinar can be found under the MY ACTIVE WEBINARS tab on your ACCOUNT DASHBOARD.  Due to a current limitation of our systems, CEU Forms are only available while your viewing period is still active - so be sure to download your CEU Form(s) BEFORE your access period expires. If your access to a webinar has expired you will not have access to the CEU Form to download it.  If this happens simply submit a trouble ticket to us and we WILL help you obtain the files.  This limitation will be corrected when we perform our next upgrade.

Webinar Titles are displayed in large outlined boxes.  Click on the graphic under the Webinar's title to show any available links for that webinar.

Once the webinar you registered for airs live the CEU form link will appear underneath the webinar's title after clicking the appropriate graphic to display the list.  Just click the appropriate link and the CEU Form (in PDF format) will open in your browser's window.  From there just print the form out, fill it in and send it away!

Can I earn NCRA CEUs for these Webinars?

Yes.  Every webinar we produce has a CEU point level associated with it.  For each webinar you attend you can earn .1 CEUs for each hour of instruction.  Typically our webinars are 2 hours each, so each webinar is typically worth .2 CEUs.

You earn the same CEUs regardless as to whether you attend live OR view the recording.

Can I use these webinars as credit for my State Association?

Currently our webinars are only certified for NCRA CEUs.  We have heard many reports of customers who tell us that their state association does accept them for credits, however there are also states who do not accept them for credits.

Beginning in 2010, all of our new webinars will contain a separate CEU Form (called a GENERIC CEU Form) that should meet the needs of most State Associations.  That should make it MUCH easier to redeem CEUs with your local associations.

Certifying our webinars for each individual state association is a very large project.  We have started this process, however the number of "hoops" each association wants us to "jump through" in order to get everything certified is startling.

What paperwork do I need to send in my CEUs for credit?

We provide each registrant with an NCRA CEU Redemption form as well as a generic CEU form, most commonly used for submitting CEUs to individual state associations.  For those redeeming their points to the NCRA we provide a static NCRA CEU Form Redemption Cover Sheet on your Account Dashboard, which you can always access and print out.  However, we do not file these automatically with the NCRA or your local state associations, you need to send the forms to them.

All you need to do to redeem your CEUs is to print the CEU Page(s) as well as a copy of the cover sheet and mail them both to the NCRA (the address is on the second page) along with your CEU Evaluation Fee.  There are no additional documents or paperwork that need to be filed along with your request; everything you need is contained within those 2 pages.

For those who are sending their forms to their local/state organizations, simply print off the "Generic" CEU Form, fill it out and send it to them.

Do I need to submit the paperwork and pay the NCRA fee to get my CEU points?

Yes. There are different NCRA rules and guidelines for different kinds of events. We'll explain.


Our webinar customers are protected against non-attendance, meaning that if for some reason they're unable to attend a webinar they've signed up and paid for, they haven't missed out. We provide them with recording access after the fact that allows them to view the webinar later, at an hour and day of their choosing.


We do this if for no other reason than that the internet can be unreliable (things like weather can affect an attendee's ability to gain access to it). So a customer who experiences internet or log-in problems would be unable to attend through no fault of their own.


But that's not the only good reason: your child may fall ill, or some relatives may show up unexpectedly, or you might get hit with some urgent transcript requests. So instead of penalizing our seminar attendees with the loss of the seminar and the CEUs, we make a recording available as a fail-safe.


And that's the rub. NCRA pre-approved CEUs are ONLY given for seminars or webinars that are strictly a one-time event. In other words, if you miss it, you miss it. There is no recording or second bite at the apple allowed. Most webinars offer the same thing we do, which is a failsafe recording that can be viewed later. Hence, most webinars do not qualify for NCRA pre-approval.


We're trying to make these events as convenient and as affordable as possible. In doing so, we had to make a decision about the pre-approved points. Ultimately, we decided that our customers' interests were best served by protecting them against an inability to attend. So far, that has been borne out. Those who have missed any of our webinars have been extremely grateful that we have a way to allow them to view it later.

When would I receive my CEU Form?

CEU Forms are available in your Account Dashboard under the MY ACTIVE WEBINARS tab.  You will not be able to download your CEU Form until the live webinar occurs.  At that time a new link would appear in that webinars list of available links.  That link will allow you to download your CEU Form, or print it.


When downloading or printing your CEU Form, keep in mind that if you plan on taking all the parts of that webinar, wait to submit the CEU Forms to the NCRA until you have ALL the forms from our site.  Submitting all the CEU Forms from a suite of webinars allows you to pay only a single "evaluation fee" to the NCRA to redeem your credits.


Once a webinar airs live, or a recording is released, the links in your "Account Dashboard" will change to reflect the different options that you have available. For example, after a webinar airs live you will no longer see the "Click Here to Register Live" link in your dashboard; it will be replaced with a different link, usually the link to download or print the CEU form or handout.