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Access limit reached - you cannot open this page

If you received the "Access limit reached - you cannot open this page" error it means that you have attempted to play a webinar more than it's specified limit.  Your registration includes the ability to view the recording of a webinar 1 time.  While the system does allow for errors, it does not allow for abuse of the policy as our old system did.

If you think you received the message in error please feel free to submit a support ticket.  We will review your account and issue a response to you.  Our system keeps detailed logs of your access to our site and abuse of the system will result in the termination of your account.

Account Extensions

Each of our webinars carry a specific expiration date.  Once this date has been reached, typically 90 days after a recording is released, the webinar will disappear from your "My Active Webinars" section in the Account Dashboard.

Once this happens it is possible to extend it for you, but we only offer extensions on a case-by-case basis.  We typically do not like extending registrations past their original 90 days because of many factors, which include the available bandwidth and storage space for new webinars.  Through surveys as well as feedback from our original site, we increased our original registration term from 30 days to 90 days in an effort to cut down on extension requests.  We determined (mostly through feedback) that 90 days is more than enough time to complete a 2 hour webinar, which can be viewed in 1 hour segments if needed.

If we were to extend registrations past 90 days for everyone we would run into serious issues while trying to stream MANY different webinars to our many attendees.  We also like to ensure that our content is fresh and we don't want any of the older webinars to be presenting information that may or may not be outdated.

If you DO need an extension and have a genuinely good reason for it, please submit a support ticket to us requesting one.  Once we receive the ticket we will review your account (which includes how many times you have accessed the players, if any) and issue a response.

When does my account expire?

Unlike the previous version of our site, your "Account" never expires.  You ALWAYS have access to your Account Dashboard, which gives you access to the support site as well as the ability to access coupons and print receipts for your registrations.  The Account Dashboard is also where you would visit to register for additional webinars and any webinar recordings that we may offer.

Every webinar you register for has it's own expiration, which is typically 90 days (unless otherwise noted) from the date we release the recording of a webinar.  Once your registration expires for a particular webinar, that event will disappear from your list of "Active Webinars" in your Account Dashboard.  You will still have access to a receipt for that webinar, but not the webinar itself.


You can determine your exact expiration date for a certain webinar by clicking the MY PURCHASE HISTORY tab on your Account Dashboard or from the MY ACCOUNT link at the top of any page.  Once there, look at the ACTIVE TIME column for the webinar in question.  The dates listed there are the date you registered for the webinar AND the date access to that webinar expires.